Will it go round in circles?

2012, Shanghai. Nikon FE with Mir-24N.

Will it go round in circus?


For Sale

2012, Houtong, Taipei. Nikon FE with Mir-24N 2/35.

Maybe I shall check out the numbers for how much the house is going for sale.

For Sale!

Say Meow!!!

2012, Houtong cat village, Taipei. Nikon FE with Mir-24N 2/35.

Say Meow!!!

Fashion sketchings

2012, Taipei. Fed-3 (Type A) with Jupiter-3 1.5/50.


Liang Liang Hair Salon

2011, Sizhai, China. Pentax MV-1 with Variozenitar-K 2.8-35/25-45


Long live Chairman Mao!

Never been a fan of him.

2011, Sizhai, China. Nikon-FE with Helios-81N.


What is your problem?


What is your problem?