Lijiang, China 2008. Before I saw these empty Vodka bottles, I thought AK-47 was a name used for rifle only.

Pentax MV1, Variozenitar-K 2.8/3.5 25-45. Home Rodinal + Chinese Era film 100.

AK47 Vodka


Water pump house

Shanghai, 2012. Took the shot in a creative zone. I thought first it was an artist work displayed inside the glass wall.

Yashica-Mat 124G, Yashinon 3.5/80. D76 + long expired Neopan SS 100.

Water pump house


A typewriter doesn’t work

Shanghai, 2013. The typewriter was made with tin plates and card boards which takes lots of hand works but for window display only. Can’t figure out why since the shop can pay less and get a real vintage one on ebay.

Canon-7, Jupiter-12 2.8/35. D76 + bulk Trix 400.


Young couples

Shanghai, 2006. One of my early shots when I just started experiencing black and white film photography and development by myself at home. Can’t even sure what was the camera I used, I guess it was a Zenit E with Helios-44-2 2/50 lens made by former Soviet Union.

Young couples