The rebel

Shanghai, 2013. Had a post last year for Terracotta Daughters. When I walked in the gallery, my first thought was the children with faceless mask in the film of Pink Floyd’s The Wall (Another Brick in The Wall). I went back there again with a mask and made this shot. I couldn’t find a similar faceless mask, and this is the first time I posted this photo.

Praktica FX-3, Mir-1V(B) 2.8/37. D76 + expired bulk Trix 400.



You don’t need an expensive photographer for Taobao online ADs

Shanghai, 2013. I tried (though not always) to make a better title for photos I posted as I believe it helps to describe things in the photos that I was trying to tell. I didn’t figure out a good enough title for this pic until today.

Yashica-Mat EM, Yashinon 3.5/80. D76 + long expired Neopan-SS 100.

You don't need an expensive photographer for taobao online ads