Necesito amor (I need love)

Houtong, Taiwan 2012.

Nikon FE, Mir-24N 2/35, Lucky Aerial film 200.

Necesito amor- Juan D’Arienzo c Jorge Valdez


Only the lonely

Houtong, Taiwan 2012

Nikon FE, Mir-24N 2/35, Lucky Aerial 200.

Only the lonely – Roy Orbison

Nikon FE, Mir-24N 2/35, 08/2010 expired Lucky Aerial 200, CanoScan 9000F


Waiting for the show

Shanghai, 2012.

Praktica FX3, Jupiter-37AM 3.5/135, expired bulk Lucky Aerial 200.

waiting for the show


China 2007.

Zorki-4, Jupiter-8 2/50. Bulk Lucky New SHD 100.


Abandoned coal mine

Houtong, Taipei 2012. Read an article of Japan’s Abandoned Island on Wall Street Journal last month, reminded me in 2012 I’ve also shot an abandoned coal mine in Taiwan. The small town is now more famous as a Cat Village.

Nikon FE, Mir-24N 2/35. bulk Lucky Aerial film 200.

Abandoned Coal MineAbandoned Coal MineAbandoned Coal Mine Abandoned Coal Mine Abandoned Coal Mine Abandoned Coal Mine

Stone lanterns

Hsinchu, Taiwan, 2012. I thought stone lanterns was created by Japanese as you can easily find them around in Japanese temples. Until I checked Wikipedia and realized it was originally from China, but you don’t see it that many as in Japan now. Watched a Japanese movie “Chronicle of My Mother (わが母の記)” the other night, one of the scene was a girl lighted up a candle and put it inside the stone lantern which reminded me this photo shot in 2012 Chinese New Year.

Nikon FE, Mir-24N 2/35. Bulk Chinese Lucky Aerial film 200.

Stone lanterns

I’m lovin’ it

Shanghai, 2013. Shot was taken in June of last year (2013), I’m sure the lighting decoration was not for Christmas.

Yashica-Mat 124G, Yashinon 3.5/80. D76 + Lucky SHD 100.

I'm lovin' it