Was a slaughterhouse

2012, Shanghai. Nikon FE with Mir-24N.

Very interesting place, reminds me Chinese Eight Trigrams design that often been talked by fortune tellers or fengshui masters. If you’ve watched the movie ‘Temple Grandin’, you’ll probably understand why the paths were designed up and down going around and around. Search google ‘1933 slaughterhouse’ will get you more information. To me, the whole building now looks more or less just like another Xintiandi clone in China.


Will it go round in circles?

2012, Shanghai. Nikon FE with Mir-24N.

Will it go round in circus?

Patch works

2012, Shanghai. Fed-3 (type A) with Juipter-12 2.8/35.

Chair man

2012, Shanghai. Zenit-122K with Variozenitar-K 2.5-3.5/25-45.

I was attracted by the man who has the pull cart full loaded with rattan chairs extended outside both of front and back, so that he can have about 3 times than what the cart itself may be loaded. This is actually a failed shot with unwanted light glowing and slightly light leaking on the bottom line. Posted here since I don’t know if I will see the man again.

Man sitting in black

2012, Shanghai. Ciroflex-F TLR with Wollensak 3.2/83.

The guy looks like an European been sitting there for a while, I couldn’t help and decided to take a shot of him.

Man sitting in black


Shanghai Art Museum

2012, Shanghai. Nikon-FE with Mir-24N 2.8/35.

Trying D23 developer instead of D76 to see whether if possible to improve light glowing issue with Polypan-F film. Read also on flickr EOS3-Ploypan_D76_1-3_EI100-272 for D76 1+3 21′ at EI 100.

Shanghai Art Museum

Was A Church Before

Shanghai, 2012. You can still tell it was a church which first built in the year of 1905. No more activity related to religious nowadays, but a local hotel and restaurant running there.

Ciroflex-F TLR with Wollensak 3.2/83, 1997 expired Neopan-SS 100.