Vintage locked up

Sizhai (斯宅), China 2011.

Nikon FE, Helios-81N 2/50, Polypan-F 50 @200.

Nikon FE, Helios-81N 2/50, Polypan-F 50 @200, CanoScan 9000F


Strengthen the dictatorship of the proletariat

2011, Sizhai, China. Nikon FE with Helios-81N 2/50.

Chinese Cultural Revolution slogan painting remained on the wall. Made up the title with Google Translation since I’m not sure if I can translate it correctly for easy understanding. And I’m still not quite sure if Google did the right translation, kind of weird.

Long live Chairman Mao!

Never been a fan of him.

2011, Sizhai, China. Nikon-FE with Helios-81N.