Met a napping tabby

Dongjiadu, Shanghai, 2012. Retina-IIIc with Schneider Kreuznach Xenon 2/50 lens.

Wonder how many people feel the same like me the napping tabby looks so much like the Japanese girl print on the back wall. If you are concerned why is that heavy chain there. I believe it’s used to lock the E-bike, not the tabby.


Upside down

Keelung, Taiwan, 2012 Ghost Festival. Praktica-FX3 with Pentacon Electric 1.8/50.

Spotted the scene inside Chenghuang temple (城隍廟) on Ghost Festival (中元節) when I was on the way to station leaving the city (and flying to Shanghai the next day). The Tri-x 400 film been x-ray scanned in China subway/railways and some frames getting result of over exposure or light leaking looks. And yes, some were all blank with nothing.

Upside down