Jersey’s garden

I promised Jersey to take care of her garden while she flied to New York with Thai to visit their daughter there.


Nixon Presidential Library & Museum

Invited by Valerie, my buddy Thai’s 2nd daughter, we went to listen Placentia Symphonic Band performance on Memorial Day 2011 at Nixon Presidential Library & Museum. While waiting there, I noticed there’s a ceremony going on right in front of graves of Richard Nixson and her wife Pat Nixson. Unfortunately the ceremony was just finished when I got closed there.

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Valerie’s graduation

Valerie is my buddy Thai’s 2nd daughter. She’s got another degree and now has the qualification to apply for a teaching job at public schools.

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My buddy Thai’s little princess.

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Jersey’s high heels


A yellow Chevy Bel Air

Oxnard, California. Shot with vintage Praktica FX2 and chromed Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 2.8/50 lens.

Vintage Pointe Dr

Took shots at the back hill of Vintage Pointe, Rowland Heights where my buddy Thai’s family living there. Actually this was my 1st test roll of East Germany made Zeiss Ikon Ercona II, CZJ Tessar 3.5/105 prior the one shot at Pacific Coast Hwy.

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