Tabby Samba and Tortie Yinyang

From a test roll of newly acquired Kiev-60. Camera body produced in the year of 1993, looks cheaper quality than my 1985 Kiev-6C.

samba kitty


Jersey’s garden

I promised Jersey to take care of her garden while she flied to New York with Thai to visit their daughter there.

Nixon Presidential Library & Museum

Invited by Valerie, my buddy Thai’s 2nd daughter, we went to listen Placentia Symphonic Band performance on Memorial Day 2011 at Nixon Presidential Library & Museum. While waiting there, I noticed there’s a ceremony going on right in front of graves of Richard Nixson and her wife Pat Nixson. Unfortunately the ceremony was just finished when I got closed there.

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Valerie’s graduation

Valerie is my buddy Thai’s 2nd daughter. She’s got another degree and now has the qualification to apply for a teaching job at public schools.

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My buddy Thai’s little princess.

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Jersey’s high heels


A yellow Chevy Bel Air

Oxnard, California. Shot with vintage Praktica FX2 and chromed Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 2.8/50 lens.