Chinese tea house blues

Shanghai, 2007. Name the title ‘Chinese tea house blues’ simply because The Doors’ ‘Roadhouse blues’ came to my mind.

Pentax MV1 with Variozenitar-K, Chinese Era film 100.



Empire State Building

Empire State Building, 2007. Pentax MV1 with Variozenitar-K .


Shanghai alley scene

Shanghai alley scene, 2007. Zenit-EM, Mir-1V(B) 2.8/37.


Flatiron Building

Flatiron Building, NYC, 2007. Pentax MV1 with Variozenitar-K 2.5-3.5/25-45 lens.


The wall

2006 Shanghai. Zenit-E with Mir-1V.


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Teddy bear

Teddy bear on the brick wall. 2006, Shanghai. Zenit-E with Mir-1V.


The band

Huaihai Road, Shanghai. 2007. Shot with FSU rangefinder Fed-2 with Jupiter-8 lens.