Yo no sé por qué razón (I don’t know the reason why)

Tainan, Taiwan 2015. Leica M6, Jupiter-3 1.5/50. D76 + bulk Tri-X Pan 400 (expired 2004) I’ve used titles like ‘My life as a dog’, ‘No where to go’, ‘I don’t care’, ‘Don’t talk to strangers’, and I don’t know if there’s any others that I can use for these 2 photos until recently I listened a tango music ‘Yo no sé por qué razón’, meaning ‘I don’t know the reason why’. I was also curious why the dog was locked in door with a blanket on a sunny afternoon. Yo No Sé Por Qué Razón 1 Yo No Sé Por Qué Razón 2