Eye contact

Shanghai, 2011.

Ikoflex IIa, Zeiss -Opton Tessar 3.5/75 with Ikoprox, Shanghai GP3 100 @200.

ikoflex iia, Zeiss-Opton Tessar 3.5/75, Shanghai GP3 100 @200, CanonScan 9000F


Once was A Church

Shanghai, 2013. Union Church (Shanghai) or if you read Chinese for more details 新天安堂

Ikoflex IIa, Zeiss Tessar 3.5/75, 1997 expired Neopan-SS 100.

Union Church (Shanghai)

Car ferry only

Shanghai, 2013. Ikoflex IIa, Zeiss-Opton Tessar 3.5/75. D76 + Shanghai GP3 100.

I don’t think the facility still working as there are already 10  bridges and tunnels now available for river crossing, and 8 more of tunnels still under construction.

Car ferry only

Preparation of mutton hotpot (shabu-shabu)

Shanghai, 2013. Ikoflex Ic, Carl Zeiss Tessar 3.5/75. D76 soaked Shanghai GP3 100.

Traditional coal heated Chinese hotpot was said originally from Mongolian. There are different translation for 涮羊肉火鍋: Mutton hotpot; Instant boiled mutton hotpot; Mongolian mutton hotpot. Or, call it shabu-shabue (シャブシャブ) instead of hotpot.

I found it very interesting for shabu-shabu hotpot that almost everyone believe it was from Japan. A Japanese told me some years ago shabu-shabu is describing the boiling sound of the hot soup. Wikipedia also said shabu-shabu “The term is an onomatopeia, derived from the sound emitted when the ingredients are stirred in the cooking pot”. Until recently I read “和新井一二三一起讀日文” (Studying Japanese together with Araihifumi) said shabu-shabu is Japanese kanji pronunciation for “涮涮” (instant boiled). Instead of everyone in the table sharing and eating in a big hotpot, it was redesigned and changed to a small hotpot in Taiwan that every individual can order different tastes without eating or sharing with others. And call it “Japanese Shabu-Shabu” since then. If what Araihifumi said is right here, my thought is very much the same when I found “Play that funky music” was actually played by a band that is all white boys, no blacks.

Wild Cherry – Play that funky music

Mutton hot pot (shabu-shabu)

Christmas in February

Shanghai, 2013. Ikoflex Ic, Carl Zeiss Tessar 3.5/75. D76 soaked Shanghai GP3 100.

In Asia, you may see some shops keep the Christmas signs or decorations on the wall for weeks or months after Christmas Eve.

Christmas in February

Girl sketching in the park

Shanghai, 2013. Ikoflex IIa, Zeiss Opton Tessar 3.5/75. D76 soaked Neopan-SS 100.

Girl sketching in the park


Shanghai, 2013. Ikoflex-IIa, Zeiss-Opton Tessar 3.5/75. D76 soaked Shanghai GP3 100.


Pink Floyd – Dogs