Graffiti window

Shanghai, 2013.

Canon-7, Jupiter-12 2.8/35. D76 + bulk Trix 400.

Graffiti window


Chinese Bagua (Paqua) window

Sizhai, China 2012. Nikon FE, Mir-24N 2/35. D76 + bulk Arista Premium 400.

Bagua (Paqua) is a traditional Chinese eight trigrams symbol related to Taiji (Taichi) and Wuxing (Wuhsing). Also a tool often been referred Feng shui. You probably also noticed many of Chinese pagodas were built with Bagua (Paqua) designed. However, bagua has also turned to a modern slang in nowadays Chinese meaning gossip that I guess originated from Hong Kong or Taiwan, but don’t know since when and why. For example, talking bagua for talking gossip or bagua news for gossip news.

Chinese Bagua window