Can I get out to play?

Tuxdeo’s sister, inside the same Chinese musical instruments shop.

Shanghai, 2012. Kiev-4 with Helios-103 1.8/53.


Met a beautiful tortie cat on the road

克難坡 (Ke-Nan-Po) to Tamkang University, Taipei, 2012. Praktica FX3 with Pentacon Electric MC 1.8/50. The Tri-x 400 film been x-ray scanned in China subway/railways and some frames getting result of over exposure or light leaking looks. And yes, some were all blank with nothing.

克難坡 (Ke-Nan-Po) for ‘Overcoming Difficulty Slope’? A funny translation. What about Die Hard or Get Survived Slope?

Looking up and down

Shanghai, 2011. Photos was taken with expired Kodak film in 2011 that I can’t even remember what was the camera been used. Film developed after Yinyang was died on Jan. 3, 2012. I keep missing her.

Yinyang, the tortie cat’s look back

yinyang the tortie cat's look back

Nikon-FE with Kalinar-5N 2.8/100


Tortie Yinyang

Tortie Yinyang kitty. Zenit-212K with MC Zenitar-K2.