Another lazy day

Shanghai, 2013.

Kiev-88, Arsat-B 2.8/80, Chinese Lucky SHD 100.

Kiev-88, Arsat-B 2.8/80, 3/2008 expired Lucky SHD 100, CanoScan 9000F


Getting a new look

Shanghai, 2012. Kiev 88, Arsat B 2.8/80. D76 + Ilford Pan 400.

Getting a new look

The clown

Shanghai, 2013. Kiev-88, Arsat-B 2.8/80. D76 + Neopan-SS 100.

The clown


Shanghai, 2012. Kiev-88, Arstat-B 2.8/80. D76 with Ilford Pan 400 few months expired.

Saw him one night sitting in his small beauty shop, staring at laptop screen, waiting for next guest coming in. I walked in, told him to stay don’t move and took the shot.



Tango with Kiev-88

Shanghai, 2012. Pentax SP, Super-Takumar 1.8/55. Era 100 expired Apr. 2007.

Tango calico cat with Kiev-88