The writing on the wall

Shanghai, 2013.

Nikon FE, Mir-24N 2/35, bulk Tri-X 400.

Nikon FE5, Mir-24N 2/35, 3/2010 expired bulk Trix 400, CanoScan 9000F


Another lazy day

Shanghai, 2013.

Kiev-88, Arsat-B 2.8/80, Chinese Lucky SHD 100.

Kiev-88, Arsat-B 2.8/80, 3/2008 expired Lucky SHD 100, CanoScan 9000F

Slightly out of focus?

Shanghai, 2013.

Canon 7, Jupiter-12 2.8/35, bulk Tri-X 400.

Canon 7, Jupiter-12 2.8/35, 06/2010 expired bulk Trix 400, CanoScan 9000F

Slightly out of focus?

Went to a garden party

Shanghai, 2013. Yeah, you can’t please everyone

Canon 7, Jupiter-12 2.8/35, bulk Tri-X 400.

went to a garden party

Once was A Church

Shanghai, 2013. Union Church (Shanghai) or if you read Chinese for more details 新天安堂

Ikoflex IIa, Zeiss Tessar 3.5/75, 1997 expired Neopan-SS 100.

Union Church (Shanghai)

Fire Hydrant Guards

Shanghai, 2013.

Nikon FE, Mir-24N, bulk Arista Premium 400.

Fire Hydrant Guards


Shanghai, 2013. Trimmed the frame as if it was shot with a 6×6 medium format gear because it happened to be the last shot of the roll and doesn’t keep the standard 36x24mm ratio. Personally I disagree the way what lomo society is saying or doing with the photography.

Canon 7, Jupiter-12 2.8/35. Bulk Tri-X 400.