Shanghai, 2013.

Canon 7, Jupiter-12 2.8/35. 2010 expired Trix 400.

Hope these chains were used to lock e-bikes only, not for human beings or dogs.


A chained bike without a saddle

Shanghai, 2012.

Praktica FX3, Super Takumar 3.5/28, 2002 expired Tmax 400.

Named the title inspired by “A horse with no name – America“.

Necesito amor (I need love)

Houtong, Taiwan 2012.

Nikon FE, Mir-24N 2/35, Lucky Aerial film 200.

Necesito amor- Juan D’Arienzo c Jorge Valdez

Burnt by the sun

Shanghai, 2012.

Praktica FX3, Jupiter-37AM 3.5/135, Tmax 400.

Met a cat - in the bush

Eye contact

Shanghai, 2011.

Ikoflex IIa, Zeiss -Opton Tessar 3.5/75 with Ikoprox, Shanghai GP3 100 @200.

ikoflex iia, Zeiss-Opton Tessar 3.5/75, Shanghai GP3 100 @200, CanonScan 9000F

Chinese Shabu-shabu group shot

Shanghai, 2013.

Nikon FE, Mir-24N 2/35, T-max 400 (2000 expired)

Nikon FE, Mir-24N 2/35, 2/2000 expired expired Tmax 400, CanoScan 9000F

Rider on the storm

Shanghai, 2011.

Pentax MX, Helios-44K-4 2/58, D72 developed Agfa Ortho ST8 sound recording film.

Riders on the storm – The Doors

Pentax MX, Helios-44K-4 2/58, Agfa Ortho ST8 @100, CanonScan 9000F