Rider on the storm

Shanghai, 2011.

Pentax MX, Helios-44K-4 2/58, D72 developed Agfa Ortho ST8 sound recording film.

Riders on the storm – The Doors

Pentax MX, Helios-44K-4 2/58, Agfa Ortho ST8 @100, CanonScan 9000F


More of monochromatic flowers

Another set of blooming shooting with Agfa ST8 orthochromatic sound recording film.

2012, Shanghai. Praktica FX3 with C.Z. Jena Tessar 2.8/50. Unfortunately very clear film scratching caused by camera back.

Monochrome sakura

2012, Shanghai. Praktica FX2 with old Meyer Primoplan 1.9/58 lens.

Shooting black and white with Agfa ST8 orthochromatic sound recording film will give you a difference experience since the film was not designed for still photography. I believe the film was long expired because I was not able to find any info but an updated version ST8D only.

Fire hydrants

2012, Shanghai. Praktica FX3 with CZ Jena Tessar 2.8/50.


Jersey’s garden

I promised Jersey to take care of her garden while she flied to New York with Thai to visit their daughter there.

Ortho kitty

My lovely Yinyang is definitely a very cute kitty than what she looks like when shot by orthochromatic film.


When I say JUMP!

I’ll never try again to shoot an ortho film in the¬†occasion¬†like this.

When I say jump