A chained bike without a saddle

Shanghai, 2012.

Praktica FX3, Super Takumar 3.5/28, 2002 expired Tmax 400.

Named the title inspired by “A horse with no name – America“.


Vintage locked up

Sizhai (斯宅), China 2011.

Nikon FE, Helios-81N 2/50, Polypan-F 50 @200.

Nikon FE, Helios-81N 2/50, Polypan-F 50 @200, CanoScan 9000F

The writing on the wall

Shanghai, 2013.

Nikon FE, Mir-24N 2/35, bulk Tri-X 400.

Nikon FE5, Mir-24N 2/35, 3/2010 expired bulk Trix 400, CanoScan 9000F

Alley scene

Tamsui, Taipei 2015. Can’t remember when was the last time I see alley scene like this in Taiwan.

Leica M6, Jupiter-3 1.5/50. D76 + bulk Tri-X Pan 400 (expired 2004)

Alley scene

Public TV

Shanghai, 2013.

Yashica-Mat EM, Yashinon 3.5/80. D76 + long expired Neopan-SS.

Public TV

Alley door art

Shanghai, 2014.

Canon-7, Jupiter-12 2.8/35. D76 + expired bulk Tri-X 400 Professional.

alley door art

El Choclo (The Corn Cob)

2008, Lijiang, China. The only reason I posted these 2 photo shot in 2008 because recently listened a very popular old Tango music titled ‘El Choclo’ meaning ‘The Corn Cob’ in English.

Pentax MV1, Variozenitar-K 2.8-3.5/25-45. Home brewed Rodinal + Chinese Era 100.

El Choclo (The Corn Cob)

El Choclo (The Corn Cob)