The church was gone

Shanghai, 2013. Nikon FE, Mir-24N 2/35. D76 + Arista Premium 400.

The first time I took the photo of the church was in 2005 as the color set below. I went back there a couple of times almost every year until early of this year I found the church was gone. I think it was happened sometime in the end of 2012 because I still saw the church was there in September. As the front gate was blocked and I couldn’t get inside, so I shot from outside of a broken window behind the bush or blind shot with the camera holding up over my head. I saw a stray cat lying there watching me . The last photo in the 2005 color set was shot above on the bridge when it was still opened for the visitors but has been closed since 2010 Shanghai Expo.

The church was gone 1

The church was gone 2

The church was gone 3

The church was gone 4

The church was gone 5

The church 2011

The church 2005

The church 2005

Church 2005

Church 2005

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